garts: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier


“It’s true,” says Chris, a college student who asked me, “I don’t think I have any garts.” I told him that I had a gash on my finger, but I just let it go. “Why?” he asked. I explained that it happens when I get too excited, but I don’t really think about it. I just keep the thing bandaged.

I guess garts are those small, round injuries that get stuck in places on our body. Usually they are caused by sports injuries, but they can also occur while shaving. I had a gash on my finger that I just let it go. It felt good to let it go.

I usually get a bunch of garts in my body, but I haven’t noticed this for a while. I think this is because garts get stuck in places on our body, like in my finger. I know I got a lot of them, but what I didn’t notice is that I can’t move or move.

Garts can be caused by different things. One of the more common causes is the use of hair straighteners. Garts can occur if your hair is too long or too short, or if certain kinds of hair are too fine or not fine enough for the hair straightener. In the case of my finger, I got a bunch of them because the hair straightener is too short. When I think about it, I kinda like it.

I can’t move my finger because my hair is too long. In fact, I can’t even move the hair straightener because it’s too short. I’ve been told before that it’s a genetic thing. I’ll give them that, but my finger is also too short for the hair straightener. I can’t move it, so I’m stuck.

Now, in the case of my head, I’ve got some other hair that I want to look at. I wanna look at it because I wanna look at it. I wanna look at it because I wanna look at it because I wanna look at it because I wanna look at it. But it’s a piece of a puzzle.

I love that Garts is such a good name. I dont blame you for asking.

I have been hearing a lot of people bemoaning the fact that the new Garts game is only six full minutes long. Well Garts itself is only a few minutes long. Its a whole game. And its on a timer. The developers have put all the work into making this game work as well, and they have a lot of ideas that they want to use in a new game. It’s just that these ideas are probably gonna take a year to implement.

Here’s the catch. Garts is only six hours long. If I remember correctly, its only six hours after the first episode and not before. I’ve never seen the first episode with more than four hours.

I don’t know how the story is gonna work but I am sure it’ll work on a timer. If you can come up with a way to make it work on a timer, it might be a good idea.

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