The No. 1 Question Everyone Working in scott mersereau Should Know How to Answer


Scott is a guy who’s got a lot of crazy ideas. He makes his living running fast cars for clients, he’s a well-known writer for, and he was named one of the top ten worst drivers in the US by the National Safety Council, so he knows a thing or two about car safety.

Like many other car-related jokes, a lot of our questions about Deathloop revolved around scott’s ability to drive. The way he moves and drives are so fast that they look like they are driven not by the driver but by the car.

Scoot is a former Navy Seal who has spent the past twenty-four years working for several small-time car companies. He was most recently the driver of a customized version of the McLaren F1 which was designed by the legendary McLaren design team. In one of his videos he discusses the differences between these cars and the F1 and how it is possible to have one of the most technologically advanced cars ever, but still be unable to drive it because they are too high to actually drive.

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