Everything You Need To Know About Growing Cannabis Outdoors.

growing cannabis outdoors

Cannabis is a hardy weed. It will grow in almost any environment and is not too demanding on the grower. You can grow it outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse with little effort. But the truth is that cannabis grown outdoors without some protection from the elements or some form of intervention by the gardener will not be as productive as cannabis grown indoors under lights, or with little sun exposure outdoors, because of natural selection to which we all must comply. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about growing cannabis outdoors. From where to locate your hydro, how and when to light your plant. We’ll also cover basic fertilizing, growing methods (such as soil/hydro/other), and some troubleshooting tips for common problems. 

Overall, this information is not meant to be a guide for beginners but rather something for growers with experience looking for different ways of growing herbs. Please remember that there are many ways of growing cannabis, and the information here is meant to give those who wish to recreate these conditions a better understanding of how they work. If you wish to try something different, please do so – but remember, nothing is set in stone, and it’s all about what works for you.

How to Find a Good Location For Growing Cannabis Outdoors?

Location is everything when you’re growing outdoors. You want to find the right spot to benefit your growth. This will require patience, and research is required. Here are some things to consider when finding a location:


You want to find an area with as close to perfect growing cannabis outdoors weather as possible. This means low humidity, moderate temperatures, etc. However, if you live in an area where the winters are harsh or not particularly sunny, you can get around this by using supplemental lighting and covering your plants with a greenhouse.


Light is what drives photosynthesis (growth). If you can’t find enough sunlight to get your plant to grow, then you’re screwed. You may be able to grow many different substrates indoors, but it’s unlikely that they will produce a large number of flowers, or if they do, they will likely not have trichomes on them. They will have a more medicinal taste than the sweet and savory flavors from outdoor-grown cannabis.


As I mentioned above – humidity is another thing to consider when finding your ideal location for growing. The best place for growing cannabis outdoors is a relatively non-humid area with light rain showers. However, it’s important not to get too much rain (or too little) as this can affect the plants’ growth and overall health.


Wind affects the temperature of your plants and can cause them to dry out very quickly. Therefore, you will want to find an area with little or no wind when growing cannabis outdoors. As a side note, I would avoid growing indoors or in greenhouses unless you live in a relatively windy area (such as Southern California). You will have too much control over your plants, which can cause them not to grow up as robust as they would.


You must ensure enough light for your plant to grow well when outdoors. Light availability is another thing that can affect the growth of your plants, so make sure you check this out. In the summer, plants typically get lots of sun with low humidity and high temperatures. In the winter, they will get less light but more humidity, and while they should be able to grow despite this, they may not be as robust as if grown in a more sunny climate. If you live in a mostly gray area, you don’t have too much of a problem here as long as you find a location with some light.

What Are The Benefits Of Growing Cannabis Outdoors?

There are several reasons that you may want to grow cannabis outdoors. Some people like the fresh air and don’t mind the bugs or other critters that come with growing plants in nature. Others live where it would be impossible (or at least very difficult) to grow indoors. Increasingly, there has also been a trend towards growing outdoors to benefit the environment and show your support for hemp and marijuana legalization (as if smoking marijuana wasn’t enough of a statement). So here are some of the benefits of growing outdoors:


Growing cannabis outdoors is great if you don’t have much money, as everything is cheaper than growing indoors – mostly due to lower overhead costs. Growing outdoors also allows you to re-purpose things you might have lying around the house. For example, a tarp or greenhouse structure previously used for growing other plants or vegetables is a perfect way to get started without spending much money.


Environmentally aware growers should consider growing outdoors. Some states allow for the personal growth of cannabis. Still, even in those where it’s illegal, you could provide medicine for yourself and others who would otherwise be forced to buy from the black market if they can find it (if not by prescription). And many people (myself included) believe that the environmental and economic costs of indoor growing outweigh its benefits when compared with outdoor growing.

Low start-up costs: 

As mentioned above, you want to grow outdoors because it’s cheaper. Many of the cost savings involve the fact that you don’t have to build a whole room inside your house or outside in a greenhouse to grow. You can skip all these things and just start by finding the right spot and putting up some cover for your plants.

You can legally grow outdoors – If you live in an area with laws against growing. This is one reason you may want to grow outdoors as long as it’s allowed. Again, I don’t know of any states where you can’t legally grow outdoors for personal use. But if you live in one of those areas, it’s important to be aware of the laws and not get caught.

No electricity required: 

Unlike indoors, where you need to place your plants under lights and keep them on a strict schedule, growing outdoors means you are naturally exposed to sunlight. This means they will grow independently and mature as they should. Of course, you can still supplement the light they receive with lighting if you want, but it isn’t strictly necessary.

No additional cost for water, nutrients, or even trash – Unlike growing indoors, where you have to buy specialized nutrients and may need to do a lot of watering, you don’t have any of these things to worry about when growing outdoors. If your plants grow well, you probably won’t have a problem keeping them watered as long as they stay cool. You can find a lot of free information on how to grow cannabis outdoors in this article.


Growing weed indoors isn’t just the cheapest way to get it. It’s also a lot safer. You don’t have to worry about pests, electricity, or anything else that can ruin your cannabis plants and surroundings. But growing it outdoors might be a good choice if you live in an area where you can grow without arrest and don’t mind some bugs and critters or the associated pesticides. Or if you want to support marijuana legalization by growing the plant yourself. Regardless of your reasons for growing outdoors, I hope this guide has helped you decide whether or not you should try it out for yourself.

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