Everything You Need To Know About Upper Peninsula Dispensaries.

upper peninsula dispensaries

A upper peninsula dispensaries is the place of business where a marijuana dispensary, medical cannabis dispensary, or weed dispensary sells medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. If you are looking for a place that offers recreational marijuana in Michigan, you are looking for an upper peninsula (UP) dispensary. In this article, we will be going over everything you need to know about UP dispensaries, such as what they are, what they sell, where they can be found and their hours of operation.

Upper Peninsula Dispensaries: What Are They?

Upper Peninsula dispensaries work in much the same way as any retail store. The store owner will stock several products for the customers to browse through and buy. These products are typically marijuana-related; the most common things you will find in a UP dispensary are various strains of marijuana, THC concentrates, and marijuana-infused edible products. Other than weed, you may also find a small selection of non-weed related items such as pipes or rolling papers.

upper peninsula dispensaries : What Do They Sell?

A medical upper peninsula dispensaries  is much like an upper peninsula dispensary, except that these dispensaries sell medical cannabis instead of recreational marijuana. They sell medical marijuana to patients with prescriptions from their doctors, to be even more specific. Medical cannabis is also know as a medical weed in some places.

Medical cannabis has been shown to help relieve the suffering of many people with diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. It comes to use in if anyone looking for an alternative treatment that does not involve traditional medicine’s side effects. Which are often uncomfortable or even worse-deadly poisonous if taken in large doses.

Medical weed helps those who suffer from these ailments because it provides them relief where other treatments might only provide partial assistance while having little effect on symptoms experience.

In states where medical weed is legal, medical marijuana dispensaries can open up shops. A medical marijuana dispensary is where medical cannabis patients can buy their required medicine. Some of the things you may find in a medical marijuana dispensary include buds, edibles, and concentrates like shatter or wax.

Where can you find aupper peninsula dispensaries ?

There are currently 2 cities in the upper peninsula dispensaries. Which means that there are twice as many opportunities to buy weed up there. The cities that have cannabis dispensaries include Marquette and Ishpeming. In addition, both of these UP dispensaries offer medical marijuana to patients with a prescription from their doctors. Each of these white mountains has its characteristics, and so do the laws governing them. But in general, the rules are much laxer than in most states like California, for example.

What are the Rules Regarding an upper peninsula dispensaries?

Both Marquette and Ishpeming have a cap on the number of dispensaries that can open up. The state of Michigan has only 15 dispensaries, 5 of which are in the UP. With more and more people becoming eligible for medical cannabis. In addition to this being your only chance to try weed in the upper peninsula dispensaries, both Marquette and Ishpeming have laws requiring anybody smoking marijuana outside of their homes to be at least 500 feet away from any place where children may be present. This also includes parks, schools, libraries and churches.

Other rules that are similar in both Marquette and Ishpeming include that you cannot smoke marijuana while driving. And you must be at least 21 to purchase weed. You can visit any one of the two UP Dispensaries in Michigan. The Northern Expressions Michigan LLC or Higher Grade dispensary, Inc.

Upper Peninsula dispensaries

How much does weed cost in an Upper Peninsula Dispensary?

The cost of marijuana varies between dispensaries, but generally speaking, the price for an eighth in a Marquette dispensary is $50. And the price for an eighth in an Ishpeming dispensary is about $40. A gram costs about $10 more than this. If you want to purchase enough weed to last you until your next trip. You could consider making an ounce your unit of measurement. This will give you 2 grams per day for a whole month. Which is not bad considering how much fun it is to smoke weed.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about shopping for weed and buying medical marijuana in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When travelling through Marquette or Ishpeming. Make sure to have a heads up on your MPP to ensure that you don’t get lost. The streets are not labelled, and it is easy to get lost because the local population is so tiny. If this takes place, head over to one of the many upper peninsula dispensaries and gets yourself a great bag or 2 of buds.

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