How Much Do You Know about Michigan Medical Marijuanas

Michigan Medical Marijuana

These are a type of state-regulated marijuana that is available in Michigan under the supervision of a licensed medical marijuana doctor. This article will answer simple questions about medical marijuana, including what they are and how you can get them. Michigan Medical Marijuana is the whole plant, extracted THC products approved for sale by the Michigan Board of Pharmacy. They also contain other compounds and natural ingredients like terpenes and flavonoids from cannabis plants. As well as various vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, sodium, potassium, phosphorous and Vitamin B6.

How Do I Get a Prescription in Michigan?

You can only get a prescription for medical marijuana in Michigan if you suffer from severe conditions that qualify under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. These conditions include: People under 18 years old can also be prescribed medical marijuana. If they are experiencing ADHD-related disorders, epilepsy, or treatment-resistant glaucoma.  If you have one of these conditions, you can see a licensed doctor and get a certified recommendation that says you need medical marijuana to treat your condition. You need to required to have this recommendation if you want to buy marijuana legally in Michigan or participate in the state’s medical marijuana program.

Where Can I Buy Michigan Medical Marijuana?

You can buy Medical Marijuana from your doctor, but you can only get some of your supplies from the state’s medical marijuana dispensary. You can apply for one of these licenses if you meet the criteria above and have a physician recommendation stating that you need medical marijuana for your condition. The laws state that no more than 10% of the total amount sold yearly by Michigan marijuana dispensaries can come from medical marijuana. 

Do I Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Purchase Michigan Medical Marijuana?

No, you don’t need one to purchase Medical Marijuana. You will have to have a recommendation from a licensed doctor to get your supply, but you can buy it. Just make sure that the purchase is for medical purposes. You could face severe legal consequences if you try to use your card for anything else. It’s illegal to sell these products of marijuana, even if they are medical marijuana, and it’s also illegal for patients to give them away or share them with anyone who isn’t on the registry and has been issued a certified recommendation by the state of Michigan.

Michigan Medical Marijuana


What Are the Laws Regarding Michigan Medical Marijuana?

It is illegal to possess or grow marijuana of any kind in Michigan. That includes Medical Marijuana, too. However, licensed doctors can prescribe them, which qualifying patients can obtain. The state sets a 10% limit on the amount that non-medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed to sell annually. Licensed users can buy up to 2 1/2 ounces at once, but they can only use it in their homes or private property. They cannot smoke it in public areas like parks and school zones. Minors cannot legally use medical marijuana at all. It is illegal to drive under the influence of medical marijuana and sell them even if you have a state license.

Do I Need a State License to Buy or Sell Michigan Medical Marijuana?

Yes, you will need one for each of these things. Salespeople will need two certifications, one from the state to get a sales license and another from the state, to obtain advice issued by the doctor recommending it. They can only use medical marijuana on their property or in the privacy of their home. You could face severe criminal penalties if you work with Michigan Medical Marijuana. Or are even in possession of them, and you don’t have a sales license.

You could also face prison time if convicted of the charges. There is a minimum mandatoy prison sentence of 2 years for illegal activity related to possessing those products. Selling them will cost you 2 years in prison plus up to $10,000 in fines per violation. 


The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was passed due to the Michigan Marijuana Initiative. It allows patients to receive marijuana from their doctors so they can have a supply of medical marijuana. They can use to help treat their chronic health conditions. The act also allows them to buy it from state dispensaries, though only in limited amounts and for their use. Patients need to know what products are available, how much they have to pay, and where they can purchase them. It’s also essential that they know what the laws are and what types of penalties they could face. If they violate those laws or purchase medical marijuana or possess them illegally.


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