How Much Weed Do You Get From 1 Plant


If you’re wondering how much weed you can get from one plant, this article is for you. Marijuana grows in different ways, and its specific properties depend on the strain and where it is grown. The high yield of a cannabis plant depends on many factors. Generally, a single marijuana plant can yield anywhere from 500 to 1000 grams of dried bud depending on how close it is to harvest time and what kind of soil was used. One cannabis plant could be worth about $1500 when it’s at its peak quality. This article will describe how many grams you can produce from a marijuana plant.

When growing indoors, it is difficult to know exactly how much weed your marijuana plant will produce. Some growers put into consideration the size of their plants when they harvest them. While others choose to take them down before they get too big. This article briefly summarizes what you expect from a single outdoor or indoor cannabis plant. It will also give you growing tips if you want to grow your marijuana.

How Much Weed Do You Get From 1 Plant Grow Tent?

Indoors, an average marijuana plant can grow between 2 and 5 feet tall, with about 2-3 months passing from when it started flowering until the crop is ready for harvest. It is also very important to know that indoors, you will be able to tend to your marijuana plants and provide them with the care they need while growing, making it easier for you to grow compared to an outdoor crop.

The high that you get from a single marijuana plant mostly depends on the strain it came from and the time in which you harvest it. As mentioned before, different strains have different properties, which also apply to their yields. A Sativa plant can produce about 350 grams of dried bud per plant, and it takes about nine weeks for an indoor Sativa plant to mature fully. On the other hand, an indoor Indica plant reaches maturity in 7 weeks providing only 150 grams per plant. The same Sativa plant mentioned earlier will yield about 1000 grams of dried bud if left unharvested for as long as 16 weeks, while an Indica plant can produce up to 1250 grams when left to grow for as long as 20 weeks.

How Much Weed Do You Get From 1 Plant Outdoor?

Outdoors, a cannabis plant can grow 6 feet tall or taller in a single season. This means that outdoor growers harvest many plants at once and then spread them out in drying sheds. It takes about 6-10 weeks for a marijuana plant to mature and is ready for harvest. It is not easy to grow outdoor cannabis plants because it requires much care to survive. This leads to the conclusion that you need to find a place that is as close to perfect as possible; it is also easier when the weather conditions are favorable.

The yields you get from an outdoor marijuana crop depend on various factors like the climate, soil, and growing techniques the grower uses. There are times when growers choose not to harvest their marijuana plants before they reach maturity for more weed to be produced, which makes the yield heavier. A single outdoor Sativa plant can produce about 2-2.5 kilos of dried bud. While an outdoor Indica plant can get you around 1.5-2 kilos. If a Sativa plant is left to grow for as long as 12 weeks, it can yield up to 3 kilos of dried bud.


All in all, you need to know that all the factors mentioned above will weigh upon the final yield; it is important to tell you that Indica plants produce heavier yields than Sativas, but their high is less intense than a high from a Sativa plant. It is also important that you are looking for a marijuana crop that has been grown from organically grown soil.

This article is here to give you an idea of how much weed you can get from 1 plant; it was thought that growing marijuana indoors would be the best alternative to growing your own, but there are many reasons why it is better to grow outdoors. The reason behind this is simple: the indoor method might not be as easy as it seems. But there are many reasons why outdoor growing methods are better than indoor ones. To learn more about growing marijuana outdoors, we suggest reading this article: How To Choose Marijuana Plants For Outdoor Growing.

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