How to grow cannabis organically?

grow cannabis organically

If you are looking for a green, sustainable way of producing cannabis, this article is exactly what you need. We’re going to be talking about how to grow cannabis organically and why that’s important. Organic cannabis production avoids synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and instead relies on natural methods to provide nutrients and pest control. This method also maintains soil health by not depleting natural minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulfur. 

What is organic cannabis production?

Other than the initial reason for growing cannabis organically in the first place, one of the biggest reasons to grow cannabis organically is because it’s usually safer. The way most growers are taught to “manage” pests and weeds is deadly in its efficacy. I’ll probably write an entire article about how pesticides/herbicides are bad for your health, but you can read that here.

One of the biggest benefits of organic production is that it saves on water and lowers the chances of run-off into bodies of water. You can’t just dump herbicides and pesticides on top of your plants because they will run off into groundwater or end up in any body of water nearby. Even worse, herbicides usually go on top of your soil, where they’re found at their most active. This means that if you’re using pesticides or herbicides on the soil near a body of water, you can contaminate the water.

Why is organic growing more effective than synthetic methods?

While some people like to blame natural pest control for the effectiveness of organic production, the simple fact is that it’s a healthier way of grow cannabis organically. Natural pest control is found in nature, and you don’t have to use any synthetic substances or “pesticides” to maintain such control. We’ll talk more about this later on, but for now, we’re going to focus on how to grow organically. Here’s some basic info!

What are the benefits of organic cannabis grow cannabis organically?

One major benefit of organic cultivation is that bacteria from your soil microbes can feed your plants and provide them with the nutrients they need rather than the synthetic nutrients provided by commercial fertilizers. Plants are like animals that eat organic food, so they need organic food to live. Many synthetic fertilizers/herbicides provide your crops with salt, which can lead to water congestion or root burns.

Another benefit of grow cannabis organically is that it helps preserve the environment. Synthetic substances like herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers can contaminate soil and water supplies, killing beneficial insects and plant life in the vicinity. This helps preserve the environment because it maintains a more natural ecosystem. The different animals, insects, plants and microbes that live in nature are like a balance that keeps things working. If you kill off many of those organisms, you can mess up the entire ecosystem.

The Process to grow cannabis organically?

As discussed earlier, the most common reason people would grow cannabis organically is that it’s safer for humans and the environment. You can still use pesticides/herbicides to grow cannabis without synthetic substances, but there are other ways to repel pests and weeds naturally. Here’s a list of ways you can do this!

1. Marinate your plants in a homemade mixture

When something works, why change it? This has been a common practice when it comes to growing cannabis organically. The traditional way growers repel pests and weeds is by eating the stuff they’re trying to prevent rather than injecting something into their soil or giving their plants poisonous substances. There are also different online recipes. But most use organic products like garlic and fish sauce (soy sauce is usually too expensive if you want to try growing cannabis organically).

2. Keep your air clean of chemicals

You can also keep your air clean of synthetic chemicals by using tools like an Air Purifier at home or a Black Light in your grow area. This will help keep the air and soil clean, too! This goes beyond just growing cannabis organically, but it’s a great starting point’. Especially if you have young kids or pets that could be affected by hazardous chemicals.

3. Keep your soil clean: Grow cannabis organically

Not many people know this, but the soil is an important part of cannabis growing! It’s where you deposit your seeds and instructions for the plant to grow cannabis organically. The ground also provides a good source of nutrients for plants, and if you’re using synthetic fertilizers or herbicides, it’s easy to deplete the soil of its natural balance. There are also different ways to kill weeds before they even become problems.

4. Use natural pest control methods like predators or parasites

Pest control can be achieved simply by keeping pests out of your garden with a growing net and floating row covers. A common way to repel pests and keep them out is by placing infested plants. Where the pests would not want to be. You can also get organic pest control sprays from your local gardening store. And use these as a last resort for persistent pests, though you should try the above methods first.

5. Make sure you’re planting the right thing

Before growing cannabis organically, make sure that the soil is fully prepare for growing! If your local soil doesn’t have any nutrients or minerals, don’t even bother growing in it until you’ve researched how to correct that problem. There are different options, but I recommend using something like FoxFarm products like Tiger Bloom because they’re packed with natural ingredients and help provide your cannabis plant with essential nutrients in the soil.

6. Use a reverse osmosis machine to clean water

Water is a big part of growing anything. It’s about two-thirds of the responsibility! You could use water from any nearby source – even a well – as long as it’s safe to drink and won’t kill your plants. If you want to make sure that your plants are drinking great quality water. You can even use a reverse osmosis machine to purify any water from local sources.

7. Don’t use fertilizers until your plants start showing signs of deficiency

This is a major pro tip! Fertilizers will eventually kill your plants. So you need to make sure that your soil has all the nutrients before you feed them with a synthetic mixture. Especially if the soil lacks nutrients like all mineral-based fertilizers. Use good organic fertilizers that are naturally balanced for your plants first. Then, if you feel like something else might be needed, you can switch to other things.

8. Reap the benefits of mulching

Mulching is really important when growing cannabis organically. This will help keep the soil cool and moist, providing optimum growing conditions for your plant. Ensure you get rid of any leaves or weeds before adding them to the soil because mulch can cause root burns on some plants, especially weeds.

As you can see, there are many different ways to grow cannabis organically. What works best for you is up to you, so nothing is holding you back if you want to grow organically. Remember that it’s not only good for the environment and your health, but it’s also a great way to save money! 


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