Top Five Hemp Transportation Companies.

Hemp Transportation Companies

Hemp as a business is booming. Hemp oil, hemp milk, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), and other products are in high demand for their nutritional value. A lesser-known fact about this booming industry is that it needs transportation to keep it operational. Transportation means the need for companies that specialize in delivering these goods to those who want them. With the hemp industry growing increasingly and more popular every day. It’s no surprise that several Hemp Transportation Companies specialize in the delivery of hemp. In this article we discuss about five best Companies.

Hemp is a large business that, in addition to being useful as a nutritional product, can also be used to create biofuel and build materials like particleboard. This multi-purpose plant means there are relevant businesses to support the hemp industry in all its stages. If you want to join this industry, it should be easy to find a good job while supporting your local economy simultaneously.

What Are The Rules & Regulations For Hemp Transportation Companies?

Like any other business, the hemp industry may have rules and regulations for the companies that transport its goods. However, the rules and regulations seem to be few and far between based on a quick search of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s website. Since the industry is still growing, there are not many hard-set regulations covering transportation. This is good news for those who want to get involved in the Hemp Transportation Companies as a transporter because if there aren’t too many rules, then it should be easy to get started and make money.

What Is Important For Freight Hemp Transportation Companies To Know About Hemp Logistics?

Hemp transportation companies should know that licensing and inspection require hemp to be transported domestically. This is a standard requirement for all types of transportation companies and indicates that this industry will hold itself to the same high standards. Unfortunately, no government agency has released specific information on how to get licensed as a hemp transporter. The best way to find out if you’re eligible for licensing as a transporter is to contact the Hemp Industries Association. 

Here Are The Top Five Hemp Transportation Companies.

1. Green Hemp Solutions, Inc.

Green Hemp Solutions, Inc. is the first transportation service specializing in delivering hemp and hemp products specifically to businesses across the United States. The company’s website boasts they are the only licensed transporters of hemp products in all 50 states, and they claim to be able to deliver just about any product that can be made from hemp, including CBD oil and hemp seeds. They also have an option for shipping containers, which are necessities for any business transporting goods and may be necessary for companies shipping hemp products because of the size and weight of some of their shipments.

2. Bhang Transportation Co., Inc.

Bhang Transportation Co. Inc. is a company that specializes in transporting hemp and hemp products, including CBD oil, oil-based creams, oils and other products made from the cannabis plant. Bhang Transportation Co., Inc. claims to be the largest, fastest-growing, and most efficient hemp transportation services in North America, with locations throughout North America, including Washington D.C., Kentucky, Oregon, Illinois and California (West). They offer one of the most comprehensive security programs in the industry, as well as 24/7/365 service with a fleet of over 200 cars and trucks.

3. Hemp Transportation Inc.

Hemp Transportation Inc., according to its website, is a family-owned and operated global hemp logistics firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, with several offices throughout North America, including Kentucky and Illinois. The company is licensed to transport hemp products domestically by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If you choose to work for this company, you can enjoy competitive salary options and excellent benefits, including health insurance, 401K, paid time off, holidays, and sick time. They also have a strict drug and alcohol testing program for their employees.

4. Hemp Traders

According to its website, hemp Traders is the first and only fully licensed hemp transportation company in New York State. The company’s owners have worked in the hemp industry for over 25 years, offering services such as oiling extracts and other CBD products to other businesses worldwide. Hemp Traders offers multiple shipping options, including USPS and FedEx, two of the most dependable carriers of packages that you can use throughout North America. Hemp Traders also offers refrigerated shipping, dry shipping, and warehousing.

5. Hemp Transport

Hemp Transport is a hemp transportation service that provides dry van and reefer trucking services to the hemp community across the United States. According to their website, they have a licensed transporter with the U.S. Department of Transportation. The company’s services include transporting almost any product made with hemp, including CBD oil, food products, animal bedding and more. Suppose you want to work for Hemp Transport. In that case, you will be eligible for a competitive wage, excellent benefits such as medical insurance and 401K plan, paid vacations and sick time, just like most other companies in this industry. They also offer employee safety training.


Getting involved in the hemp industry as a transporter has never been easier. The demand for hemp products is great, and many companies offer these services. So you need to be informed about the job opportunities available. If you know someone interested in starting their own hemp company, send them this article and let them know that they have all the information they need to join this growing industry. This field has a bright future with plenty of opportunities, so if you want to get involved, I encourage you to do so and enjoy what this trend has in store for the future of commerce and manufacturing.

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