Top Questions To Ask A Car Crash Lawyer About Your Case


A car accident causing serious injuries can throw your life off track. Instead of enjoying life or progressing career-wise, you may find yourself paying heaps in medical bills and fighting your insurance company. At this time, having a personal injury attorney to file your settlement claim will make life a lot easier! Apart from fighting cases for their clients, car crash attorneys can provide the assistance you need to get back on your feet.

So, how do you hire the best car crash lawyer for your case? You can start by asking your friends and family for references or look up online. No matter where you are, there are bound to be some lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases. But if you want to find someone who would be the exact fit for your needs, start by asking them these important questions.

Questions to ask a car crash lawyer before hiring

1. Are you qualified to take on my case?

Kind of obvious, but it’s best to start your conversation by asking if they’re qualified to handle your case. Reputable lawyers know their limits, and if they deem your case too complicated or not worth their time, they should let you know. After all, there’s only so much time, energy, and talent an attorney can devote to your work. 

It’s crucial that your lawyer believes in your cause; otherwise, the case won’t receive the attention it deserves. Be sure to hire someone who has the time, enthusiasm, and qualifications to represent you. 

2. Do you think I have a chance of winning?

Probably the first question that comes to every victim’s mind but hold this one for later. A lot of car collision victims assume that their case is so strong that they’ll easily win a large compensation amount. What they don’t realize is that all car collisions are different, and so are the outcomes of these settlement claims. It’s best for you to work with a lawyer who would give you unbiased opinions and advice.

They should be able to tell you about your chances of winning and how much you’re likely to gain financially. Or in case of minor injuries, if your case is worth pursuing at all. This conversation should happen in your very first meeting so that there are no false expectations or additional frustration.

3. How many cases like mine have you fought before?

You should ideally hire an attorney who has experience handling cases like yours. If you’re going with a law firm, the experience shouldn’t matter much as your lawyer would have the support and expertise of their seniors. An attorney who has experience fighting car crash claims will do a much better job in communicating with the insurance adjusters, negotiating the settlement claim, and representing you in a trial if it ever comes to that. 

A lawyer’s reputation depends entirely on the number of cases they’ve won, so you must ask this question without hesitation.

4. How much do you charge?

Let us save you some effort here and say that almost all personal injury lawyers will agree to work on a contingency fees agreement. Working on this agreement means you don’t pay the attorney anything unless they’re able to recover compensation for injuries in your lawsuit. Instead, they’ll take a fixed percentage of money out of your settlement amount– usually 33% if the case is settled out of court or 40% if it goes to trial. 

Have an honest and upfront conversation with the lawyer about their fees, as there should be no misunderstandings later.

5. What would be my role in the lawsuit?

Understanding what is expected of you before hiring a car crash attorney is a must because some attorneys want their clients to be involved more than others. Ask if you have to attend depositions and other meetings because not all lawyers prefer this. If you’re someone who’s very hands-off, then ask if you can remain on the sidelines while the attorney handles business. As long as both of you are on the same page, there should be no hiccups in your legal relationship.

6. Do you see any unforeseen difficulties with my case?

Every case is unique, and there are bound to be some legal issues here and there because it is normal. When you ask this question, an inexperienced lawyer might try to paint a rosy picture and say there will be no difficulties. However, an experienced lawyer will give you an honest answer and point out the possible difficulties you may have down the road.

Personal injury cases are complex, and any lawyer with a record of effectively settling cases or winning verdicts will be honest with you. The promise of “smooth sailing” is a big red flag, and you should avoid such lawyers as much as possible.

7. How will you and your staff communicate with me?

Since communication is one of the most important factors, you would want to be sure of the ways your lawyer and their legal staff communicate with you. So, ask about specific information regarding who is involved in your case, including their names and phone numbers. Or if you prefer communicating through email, tell them that as well. Be sure to ask what mode of communication they prefer the most and try to be accommodating.

Also, let them know the best way to reach you, if you have time periods when your phone is switched off, or if you prefer texting instead of calling. Your lawyer should keep you updated frequently because nobody likes being kept in the dark as it can cause a lot of stress.

Hire a car crash lawyer now!

Now that you know what questions to ask to vet a lawyer properly go ahead and get searching. Patience will play a significant role in finding the right lawyer for your car crash case, and it will eventually pay off when you get the maximum amount in settlement. 

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